How to Keep a Heart for the Nations ( Part 1 ) / by Joshua P Jacks

One of the biggest challenges in our line of work is the fact that we have two totally different job descriptions. While in Asia, we run a school, interact with students, spend time making friends in our village, and anything else that connects us with the Lao people. While in the states, we are making phone calls, doing reports, traveling, speaking at events, and tons of networking so that we can bring an awareness of Laos to America.

With that said, it can be difficult, at times, to keep the fire in our hearts white hot. It's easy to get caught up with our busy schedules and we can find ourselves going through the motions.

In this blog series, I want to share with you a couple tricks we use to keep our hearts soft for the hurting and broken in Southeast Asia!

1. We watch quality videos of Southeast Asia together.

One of the biggest ways to keep your heart sensitive to the nations is to keep your eyes on them! The bible says that "when He saw them, He had compassion on them." This has helped us in a huge way. When I feel myself growing a little cold, I'll pull up some videos on my computer, mute them, and throw some worship music on.  Seeing the people and places brings back those feelings almost instantly. Multiple times a week we gather around the TV and throw a few of these videos up. Noah yells "It's Lao, it's Lao!!" and we are ready to go!

I've already said too much. The point of this blog was to get you to watch some videos! I've linked a few of clips that we watch quite a bit. They are all pretty short and well done. A few of them are a part of a great series, and you can watch the other episodes on their vimeo page.

If you have trouble keeping that heart for the nations or you just want a bigger one, I encourage you to make this one of your daily or weekly spiritual practices.  Go to Vimeo, search for your country or region of interest, sort by most played, and watch away! You won't regret it. I promise! Stay tuned for our other tricks to keeping a heart for the nations!