To Houn and Back Part IV / by Joshua P Jacks

We've finally made it to Singkham's village! This post is chock full of images so I'm not going to do a lot of talking. I'll give a brief setup and then you can scroll through the day!

The day was pretty much spent driving to and from his village along with village tours, reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and soaking up the rich culture of the Khmu people. We spent the day building relationships and seeing doors open for future trips to our dear friend's home. 

We, along with the riders of the bike stopped to checkout the river crossing.

The current here was incredibly strong.

These guys left us and the bike behind. They didn't pack light!

One of the "safer" spots on the crossing.

One of the many Chinese dam projects that are popping up throughout northern Laos.

We reached Houn just in time to check out the town's market and grab some lunch.

Side entrance to the Houn Market

Lunch is served!

Singkham and I

The soup!

After we finished lunch, we headed into Ban Na (Singkham's Village). We were met by some kids that I'd befriended a few years prior. The young man on the left with the blue shirt was pictured in a previous post with a huge hunk of banana bread in hand!

Old friends.

Cheesin' for the camera!

A group of Houn kids trying to stay dry.

Houn Kids

Young Houn girl.

Kmhu woman with traditional headwear and pipe.

Young citizen of Houn

Another Khmu grandmother with a pipe.

Another Khmu grandmother with a pipe.

Our friend and his son.

Trying to get the picture.

He really wanted his kid's picture taken!

Our friend shows us his rat trap. He's hand made dozens of them and has them set up throughout the village.

Setting the trap.

Smoke break.

Ready to play

One of the nicest guys we met!

This guy had the biggest smile in the village! He flagged me down from across the road for a brief chat.

Saying goodbye!

Join us next week for the final installment of To Houn and Back.The journey to Pak Beng and on to Luang Prabang was pretty interesting. My hope is that you will see the beauty of the Lao people and nation as we do. Thanks for walking this journey with us!