Pardon the Interruption / by Joshua P Jacks

I was out for a jog the other day and the phrase “pardon the interruption"came to mind. As I was running, I looked ahead and saw an older man with his daughter and granddaughter. They were sitting by a fire to keep warm. It was then that I realized why that phrase popped into my head. So, each time I turned around my loop, I would stop jogging. This meant I couldn’t reach my personal best or keep from stopping during the jog. Then I’d hear “pardon the interruption," take out my ear buds, and would make a comment or greeting to the three sitting on the side of the road. In Lao, I’d say “Hi, how are you” or “wow, its cold. I would give them a chance to respond and be on my way. Then, each time around the loop, I slowed down and took out my ear buds. On the last time around, before I could say something, they started the conversation! They asked, "aren’t you tired” and “you’ve been running for a long time.” This is how relationships begin!

Friends back home are always curious as to what a normal day looks like on the field. It’s as if we have these amazing stories and adventures every day! We do get some amazingly crazy stories and our life is full of adventure. However, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Our normal day is well…. NORMAL! Our family wakes up and gets ready, I teach Noah, we have meetings, and language studies, Josh prepares to teach class, we even eat multiple times a day! It usually ends with us reading books to our children, praying, and then tucking them in bed. We then close the door smiling at each other because the chaos of the day is finally slowing down. 

The big difference from how we used to view things is this. During every moment of our normal day, we are looking for interruptions! We crave for interruptions to help someone out, start a new friendship, or even just break the ice with a “Sabaidee”. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, would happen if we didn’t intentionally look to be interrupted. This can be EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT! Sometimes it is difficult when those interruptions are not on our time table. They normally mess up what we had planned to complete that day and pretty much always happens at an inconvenient time.

As I study the way my Father walked this earth, I noticed that he lived this way! He lived a life full of inconveniences and interruptions. The more He taught, the more the interruptions came, but to Him they weren’t interruptions. They were opportunities. Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around Him.  They were His life, His joy, and His purpose! So seek out, allow, and embrace the interruptions in your life. Change the way you think about them, and you will change the world around you!