There's No Place Like Home / by Joshua P Jacks

We’ve been here in Lao for about 5 months now, and we’ve started making our house a home. There are still a few things I’d like to change. Hanging pictures requires a heavy duty drill and a few special tools. As Josh posts this, hopefully it will remind him to get on that stuff!!! :)

As a woman, there’s just something inside of me that needs to make a home! I'm sure you can all agree! After a move, we will spend countless hours losing sleep and our sanity trying to set up our new home. We will sacrifice hours upon hours on shopping and searching for that perfect end table or rug. We will save our pennies, wake up and drag our kids to yard sales and thrift stores to buy that one piece to refinish for our children's room. Most rooms are never finished. Just when we finally think we are done and it is complete, there is always a better color for the walls or a picture at hobby lobby to put in an empty space. 

Let's face it, our home is our home because we get to do what we want with it. We are able to  continually improve and change the things to our liking. 

As I look around at all the things I’d like to do, I’m reminded of the things my Father wants to do in me. He wants to make a home in our hearts. In doing so, He will always be moving things around, taking out the old and putting in the new, and changing things around until the original intent of that "room" is beautiful and complete. 

Remember this. You never see a house at hobby lobby looking for a painting to put on its wall, or an apartment out at yard sales searching for the perfect piece of furniture. It's always the owner who is doing the searching and changing. The house's job is to sit ready and open.

Don't get me wrong, the house can and will throw you curve balls. Maybe a pipe bursts or you have hidden problem with a remodel. This doesn’t mean the house is worthless or unusable! Thankfully, we have an owner who is never surprised and is an expert in all areas of remodeling! 

So if you have been the Home for awhile, be encouraged! The remodeling will never be finished, but as long as we are ready and willing, we’ll look more and more complete. Remember, we don’t want Him to just have a house, but a beautiful home!